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- A Guided Meditation

We all crave healing in our lives. Healing of a mindset, a memory, a relationship or even of our own physical body. This September join Alexandrea for a night of healing. Using energy work, meditation, chanting and breath work release what is blocking your path to healing and embrace the steps that need to be taken to achieve what the heart and body desires.

When: Tuesday, September 24th 6:30-7:30pm
$25 per person, pre sign up only.



This October Brew Magic!

Lie back as you are led through a powerful meditation, allowing yourself to cast your enchantments into the cauldron of the future. Conjure your power of manifestation using crystals, breathing techniques, visualization and energy work.

Call 386-676-3347 to sign up at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens!


“Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations with Crystals”

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