Meditation - Go Deep: Part 1

Part 1: The body and enviornment.  


Let's talk about those beginning steps when approaching meditation.

Meditation is a fantastic tool. And like all tools we love to know how to use them "properly". What's great about meditation is that there is no "proper way" to do it. There is no boundary but the one we place upon ourselves. The more and more I experience and teach all different types of guided and unguided meditations I find that each experience can be just as varied as the next! In the physical plane there are some tips to aid you and grasp ... What am I actually doing? lol So first of all...


1. Don't overthink it.

Just breath at first. The thought of sitting or lying down for a certain amount of time with the pressure of "don't think of anything" and "be still" almost gets in your way. So just give yourself the small task of noticing your breath. The lengths where it is in your body, how your clothes feel as your breath extends through the chest, belly and back etc.


2. Set yourself up for success.

If you are very new to it, give yourself an environment that will help you. Or at least calm you. The beach, the forest, a snowy mountain, a calm room, a hammock. These can be real 3D tangible and livable environments or ones that you allow yourself to visualize within your mind. Using noise machines or music can really help in creating an atmosphere and giving the brain something that subconsciously calms you. Also some people prefer to sit, a lot of my regressions and meditations I also lie back, sometimes it's helpful to use a yoga block while sitting, letting a wall aid you. As your practice expands you can play with the position. When first beginning I love the thought of lying back and allowing yourself to not focus on any pain(especially the back) or uncomfortable body movements. Just letting it be you and the mind...and then the limitless of the imagination and space and time! OooOoooo!


3. It's okay to fall asleep at first. Lol

You found a great spot, you are focusing on your breath, your mind is beginning to wander. You put on some awesome music that calms you and BAMMM you are asleep.

Totally normal, your body has to get used to it.

Most of us are not used to being that calm and in such a restorative place without being in our bed for sleep or taking a nap on the beach. Your body wants to drift. But in that twilight right before sleep when the body is relaxed and released, you find some stillness, in your limbo, notice how it feels for a moment. Do you feel like you are glowing? Vibrating? Floating? Do you notice and pictures of words popping into your mind? This is where people often share these types of neuron firing experiences within the body, if you can align your chakras using cleansing, pendulums, yoga or essential oil work before hand so you get the spectrum from above your head to below the toes! 


4. Make it a routine.

Just like sleep is a routine for the body, when in a place of stillness you can build the routine of...this is my meditation time body. *hint hint let's not fall completely asleep* So how can you help build this routine?

  • The music--an app on the iPhone called CALM is great for beginners. You want to do a guided meditation because your body just isn't letting go of problem. Sometimes it's helpful to use the part of the app that has the gong set for every two to five minutes. Not only does it serve and a mindfulness reminder when meditating without visualizing or approaching a past life or regression but it taps into the part of the brain that wants to associate with...give me something to do. Which we all know the brain wants. 
  • Explore! Skype with me. Call me. Check out and explore YouTube videos. Not every single style is going to work for you right away. Find out...oh wow guided meditations really call to me. Perhaps mindfulness meditations, breathing in the present really speak to you. There are so many great tools out there to use! Try and ask others "What works for you?"  
  • The time-- make the time to just sit and be, 5 minutes or 45. Challenge yourself to just breath, notice and listen. Sometimes my meditation practice gets suspended in time and when I thought it was only 30 minutes, it turns out it was a whole hour! Even if it's five minutes of focusing on the breath, allowing yourself to just be in the moment, feeling that wave of peace as you repeat the mantra-- nothing is expected of me right now in this moment but just to be here now and convert this oxygen into carbon dioxide. It's simple. But it's true. Take the time so clear that kind and refocus and restart. 


5. Leave your judgements at the door.

Like I said earlier there really is no right way. There isn't a manual. It is you and your inner self and world. See what makes you uncomfortable, explore it. See what feels good. Try it again but close your eyes or soften the gaze. Set yourself up for no interruption and clear your mind. It's okay to have thoughts. Notice them and then visualize them as something that can float or fly away. By slowing down you get a chance to have a powwow with yourself. This is your time to communicate with you. 


Whatever you need ask! If you are interested in a blog about visualizations, guided meditations, regressions and what happens once you are glowing and want to explore the other side, let me know! Need help processing something you noticed in meditation, ask and let's explore your journey together! Do you have a specific question about the spiritual side, the de-stressing capabilities, or connecting to one-ness? Ask and I will cover them in Part 2 of the series "The Mind Meeting The Spirit."


Love and light,  



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