The reach

I think about forward momentum often, attempting to not get caught in my own perfectionism, my dreams. Always looking at the balance of past, present and future.

But my ability to dream, to reach, to hope and to grow past even my own perceptions of myself and this world are my greatest subconscious helpers.

Instead of fighting change, I have learned to embrace it. Instead of trying to outsmart life’s flow I have learned to grow with it. And my body may not last as long as this beautiful ancient oak, but my grounded roots and energy will. The seeds I plant will. The lessons I have taught others will. The love that I can’t help but give will.

And so I continue to reach, higher and higher...until it stops... and my consciousness melds with all those that have passed before me and through me. It’s okay to reach. To look forward...we need dreamers in this world. Innovators. We need to fall and get messy as a generation and as a world. We need to learn. And grow. We need to stretch far past our own perceptions and somehow come back and place our feet on the ground of the present. 🌿🕊🌿

Alexandrea LightfootComment