Thankful for Co-Creation

Why I am thankful that Travis Lightfoot was born...

When I was in the process of leaving New York, I felt as though I was once again diving into the abyss of a faceless feeling. I didn't have the safe boundaries that I had set up for myself in my past career. My entire life was built around the tony awards and this idea that I had to sacrifice the most important aspects of my life to reach the pinnacle of success in this one avenue. What drove me most, were my thoughts of what I would do as a person once I had fame, notoriety and respect. Not love, family and shared experiences.
All of these goals were specifically balanced on this huge task in front of me. A task that was all encompassing and forced me to make sure my priorities were heavily goal oriented in terms of artistic and work success.
To say I wasn't people oriented is a lie. I tried my hardest to balance this persona of who I had to be with who I was inside. In a city that never sleeps, the patterns of health and oneness with nature were broken. I was a creature of the night, struggling to make it in the light. But as I say, one can only see the light once they have the contrast of the depths the dark can go. And so I left NYC and I became "people" and "experience" and "inner self " oriented.
When I left I never thought I would meet anyone in Florida. This was my place of restoration. My place to regroup and hide. I never intended to stay, to start my business here, to have a family here, to live here.
But then I met Travis Lightfoot. And to be honest he was possibly more of a mess than I was. In that mess we laughed and expressed and learned and instantly fell in love. My ego doubted that real joy like that was in fact not going to go away. But my spirit knew that I had now chosen to manifest true happiness into my life. And instead of controlling it, I released my own expectations and began to co-create with the universe. When I did that I found myself in the green truck of Travis laughing and singing and sharing and being me again. My authentic self.
As we both prepare to move into our new home, and reach our one year anniversary, I am in awe of what can happen when you listen to your inner world. When you release the doubts, the pressures, the expectations of your past. When you live in your truth, in your now. When you let go of what others expect you to be, of especially what you expect yourself to be. And instead appreciate what you are.
To Travis, Thank you for appreciating who I am. You remind me that we are all light by being my light and we are all love by giving me such unlimited love. I love you. You deserve all the the amazing things that happen to you! Happy Birthday!

Alexandrea LightfootComment