Shamans Cave

My meditation this morning had me journeying with my Mogul Stone (Shamans Stone) to another dimension of space in time.

During my surgery I had a choice while under anesthesia to ground myself back into this body and this world or to delve further into that abyss. I was not afraid of death, but rather looked at it as a friend, one whom I was not quite ready to fully meet yet.

Once I was out of anesthesia coming back into my body was difficult. Only today do I finally feel integrated. Connecting, channeling, fully reading the air of thoughts and images that surround my astral body.

Today I ground myself back into the reality that I am here to share this gift. To connect that light in everyone by communicating and validating its existence in you. To spread what I know to be as my sacred truth.

This is a photo of me in a shamans cave in Sedona, Arizona. This is the portal. I think it's time to step through.