A Mantra To the Self

I wake up with me every morning.
I spend the day with me every day.
I go to bed with me and my mind every night.
I spend all of my time with me.


So my relationship with myself, the trust I have to have, the communication I need to form is vital.

I admit when I need to shift and change, I forgive when it is illuminated within me to forgive and I say to myself at least once a day that I love myself.

Living your authentic life, being comfortable in the skin you are in takes time just like any relationship. To learn how to move in this dimension, in this reality and expand and constantly grow into the energy that you know at your core is who you are.

Live for you today. Breath every breath for you and your body on this physical plane. And in that in the moment of appreciation for you and your life...see how it completely melds, shifts and changes your relationships to others and to this world. ✨🌿🌺🌿✨